Women in tech: The biggest boost to your business

By John Cleary

Women in tech: The biggest boost to your business

The tech industry has a reputation for many things. It is the bastion to many of the biggest companies in the world. Their CEOs earn more than several countries in a year. Their products and services continue to change the way we understand and interact with the world. 

But it isn’t always a positive image they project. While the booming tech industry enjoys many positives, it has its negatives. Namely, we know the tech industry for the huge disparity in the role of women in tech

Discrimination in tech

A new report from CWJobs tells us news we already know. It states women in tech are subjected to “staggering” levels of sexism and discrimination remains a huge problem in the industry. 50% of the women had experienced someone telling them their gender would hold them back in their field, while others reported comments from men claiming they’re “too pretty” to work in tech. Surprisingly, these hints of discrimination aren’t always what stops women entering the technological fields. The divergence starts much earlier, even as children, where we make girls feel like outcasts in the technology sector. 

Many businesses don’t realise the impact gender diversity can have on their business, earnings, products, and workforce. Many also do not realise how integrating new technology into the workplace can help more women enter the industry.

How does gender diversity impact your business?

We need women in tech because equality is important, but also because we need people in general working in technology. Over the last year, IT engineers were the most in-demand employees in the UK, with the number of vacancies growing by over a third since April 2018. Mobile developers also made the top ten on the list of in-demand professionals. On top of this, IT and technology, FinTech, biotechnology, and virtual reality are among the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. We need more skilled tech employees to support this growth and considering women make up 51% of the UK population, they are a valuable addition to any workforce. 

More importantly than filling roles though are women’s contributions to the world of technology. With so few female voices in the sector, it is easy to imagine the potential of female-driven innovation and creativity, which can speak to under-served female markets. The University of Arizona found companies who had women in top management roles experienced ‘innovation intensity’, producing more patents by an average of 20% more than companies with male leaders in the Fortune 500.  

Adding diverse views to your business will boost creativity, originality, and appeal to wider markets, ultimately making you more profitable. The Peterson Institute for International Economics found out of 21,980 firms studied across 91 countries, those with a 30% make up of female leaders could expect to earn around 15% more in profits than those with poorer gender diversity. 

How does technology affect gender

The relationship between women and technology isn’t a one-way street. Increasing technology within businesses is allowing more women to enter jobs in technology for a simple reason: remote working. Women tend to earn less over their lifetime due to discrimination. Also due to the expectation in some parts that they must take time out to raise a family. This often leads to more men receiving promotions and higher-paying positions while women often have to put things on hold. 

However, remote working is allowing women to do both; they can raise a family and work at the same time. Therefore, cloud computing saves your business money, allows both men and women to raise a family and advance in their career, and is helping to increase gender diversity in business. Even in the office, we could be doing more to make mothers feel welcome. Take Patagonia, for example. Some may see it as controversial to allow breastfeeding at work but seeing how much it means to the woman in question might make you think differently.

Technology is changing the way women work. But if we want to tap into all markets and boost creativity in our businesses, we need more women in technology. You can encourage this in your own business by looking at how you can improve your applications and IT systems to better support women in the workplace. 

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