What is the benefit of outsourcing developer work?

By John Cleary

When you’re looking for people to do your development work, like for a web application, hiring and building up a team isn’t the only option. You can get the work done effectively by outsourcing developers, like from an agency, instead.

So what are the advantages of doing this? We look at the benefits of outsourcing developer work, explaining how it works, and reasons why you should.

How does outsourcing work?

When outsourcing, you should first decide on what your project goals are before engaging with a supplier. You should then decide how you want to work ­– fixed price or time and materials.

  •   Fixed prices might seem more attractive. It also means fixed scope and more stringent rules around making changes.
  •   Time and materials, however, allows you to work at your own pace, potentially even pausing after the first iteration is delivered. This depends on the arrangements you’ve made with your supplier.

You should discuss your project goals with your supplier and plan the first three or four iterations. You should also break the project into “features” or “user stories” which can be sized, such as small, medium, large and extra large. You should also ensure that dependencies between the features are recorded.

Testing and support

Depending on the approach, each of the features should be demonstrated to you, either as and when they are completed or at the end of an iteration – this is usually between two and four weeks long. You will then have an opportunity to test the feature in a production-like environment before accepting it.

Your outsourcing partner can also support your application over the long term. This includes:

  •   Maintaining the hardware infrastructure
  •   Patching security vulnerabilities
  •   Improving the performance of your application as usage increases over time

Why might you need to outsource?

There are many reasons for outsourcing developer work and many benefits for how doing so can help your business. For instance:

  • Many companies choose outsourcing because it allows them to initiate a new project quickly. This ultimately means they can realise the benefits of the project sooner
  • Outsourcing means you don’t have to source a team of developers, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Attracting the best developers can also be a challenge, as many prefer to work for software houses and consultancy firms to focus on their skill and personal development. If you are not able to offer this kind of development you may struggle to attract the best people
  • An outsourced team will have a great breadth of experience because of the sheer number of projects they have worked on. This results in more complicated issues being resolved quickly or avoided altogether
  • When you outsource a development team, you’re not just getting an experienced group of people, you are getting the experience of everyone in that business. This means team members can lean on whoever in their organisation has specialist knowledge to keeps things moving
  • When outsourcing, you can resize the development team you work with over time, such as increasing or decreasing it to fit your workload

How can Createk help you with outsourcing?

There are benefits to outsourcing developer work when creating a web application for your business, from getting projects done quickly, to harnessing a range of skills.   

At Createk, we provide effective services in web application development outsourcing to give you results quickly. Our services include a team that comes with:

Expertise – We have developed skills in a wide range of business sectors, from finance to travel, marketing to healthcare   

Agility  ­– We are dynamic, flexible and reactive to work effectively and respond to change fast

Experience – We have decades of experience, including over 40 years in software development

If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit our Web Application Development Outsourcing page. Or get in touch to see how Createk can help you with your application development.

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