What happens when you’re in need of project recovery?

By Alia Coster

What happens when you’re in need of project recovery?

We would all love it if everything went smoothly without any problems. Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to constant errors or missed deadlines. If you ignore them and try to power through, you will only end up causing more damage, costing you anywhere from a few hundred pounds to millions. You need to think about project recovery to pull everything together again.

You can’t deny though that it is a necessity if you can see your project going off the rails. But project recovery isn’t a luxury businesses looking to stay on track and meet their goals can afford. Problems which can lead to project failure are all too common among businesses and some are easier to spot than others.

They include:

  • Mobile, web, or hybrid application requirements lacking a clear definition
  • A lack of a robust and stable technology plan
  • A lack of available resources
  • No effective project management
  • Unrealistic or extremely pressurised marketing timelines
  • The existing software development team hasn’t delivered a satisfactory product

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be time to take a step back and seek expert advice on how to get your project back on track. It could be key to saving your business thousands as well as preventing other harmful side effects. If your custom application project is in need of recovery and you don’t take immediate action to correct problems, you could face any of the following resulting issues.

The project misses the deadline

Missed deadlines cost money and break the trust between staff in your business and between your business and its customers. The cost isn’t only monetary, you’ll risk:

  • Losing the confidence of your team, boss, and stakeholders
  • Missing out on opportunities for business growth and development
  • Losing clients and customers
  • Incurring overtime, particularly as you get closer to the end of the project

Good projects meet their deadlines because they’re meticulously planned. But the key is being realistic. This means the schedule should plan for uncertainty and unexpected surprises that come with evolving projects. Team members should be given work according to their strengths and abilities to create an efficient and cohesive team. This way, when things start to falter in your project, you can anticipate them and come up with a solution before they have a negative impact. 

The project goes over budget

You should never be in a position where your project is destined to run over budget and you’re not expecting it. This comes down to poor planning and poor tracking of your expenses. Before you start the project, you should ensure you complete a detailed budget, and make sure everyone working on the project is clear on what their limits are. If you do find yourself teetering on the edge of your budget, it’s essential you identify the problems as soon as possible, to prevent the project from becoming unrepairable. The longer you leave problems, the harder they are to fix. 

The project is poor quality

A poor quality project will not provide a high return on investment. It could actually mean you get no returns on your investment and end up spending more to complete your project. This is a costly process, and it is far more efficient to go through project recovery as soon as issues are identified. This will protect your budget, your customers, and your reputation. 

Effective teams become overwhelmed and frustrated

If your team is under constant pressure from tight deadlines and tight budgets, or assigned work out of their skillset, they will become frustrated and tension will build within your team. This is a death sentence for an already struggling project. If your staff aren’t behind you, you lack the support to make any essential changes you need to get back on track. Some team members might even leave the team altogether creating a loss of knowledge and expertise in your business. Hiring experienced project managers means you can stop this before it happens. 

You leave customers unsatisfied

Your customers are the backbone of your business. If your project results in a low-quality application, your customers will go elsewhere to get a better service. Customer retention is key, and unsuccessful products will jeopardise your ability to do so. 

If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs, or post-project failure symptoms, it’s time to contact a professional project recovery team for your Ruby on Rails project. Don’t let all your time and effort go to waste.

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