Web Application Project Health Check

Ensuring your products meet industry standards

Whenever you want to launch a product, it’s important to know that your time and investment has been well spent. Launching any new application can be nerve-wracking, so taking the time to have your app assessed against industry best practices is a great way to give yourself peace of mind and help ensure you avoid any potential technical problems.

Our Project Health Check service can give you the confidence to take your application to market or help steer you towards the next step of development.

Our health check criteria

We assess the health of any web application using a number of key points. These allow us to check your application against a number of areas. This includes making sure your application is secure and the infrastructure in place can support the launch and future growth of your product.

Our health check criteria include:

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Application security

Checking your application for security risks and aspects of the coding and structure which could be exploited. Securing your application is not only your legal obligation, it is also the meterstick by which credibility is measured in an increasingly online world.
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Application architecture and scalability

Looking at how your application is built and if the architecture involved is able to sustain and handle growth when the application is launched to market. Knowing that your application can scale gives you the confidence to pursue larger clients knowing that the platform can handle whatever is thrown at it.
Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security, maintainability and automation

Investigating the security around your application and looking at how well this infrastructure can handle the demands placed on it.

Code quality, complexity and maintainability

Assessing that the code used in the creation of your product meets industry best practices, and making sure code is easily understood and simple to maintain. Larger systems tend to be more complex and more expensive to maintain and enhance – ensuring your code is well structured means you can continue to grow the application at linear cost.
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Automated test coverage and quality

We believe in the value of automation, so when it comes to testing it’s no different. Automated testing is crucial to any growing software project. We check that your tests are being carried out effectively and aren’t overlooking any key components.
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Deployment strategy

We look at the way in which you plan to release your application, highlight any unforeseen problems and find the best way to bring your application to market. A reliable deployment strategy will reduce cost and increase productivity.
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External dependencies and services

We take an in-depth look at the external factors which can influence your project, helping you to make the right choices on which external services you use. Depending on other business to deliver aspect of your application is both a risk and an opportunity, so must be considered carefully.

After your health check

The results of your health check allow us to make recommendations and suggestions which can help to improve the quality of a product and help to steer a project away from any potential issues with security or performance.

Carrying out a health check can also help to point you in the right direction with regards to project recovery. You might be aware that there are some issues within a project, but be uncertain as to what they are. Our assessment can help shed light on different problem areas and help you to make an informed decision about getting your application on track.

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