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Many businesses, from start-ups to much larger companies, frequently rely on outsourcing to oversee development, complete projects and find cost effective ways to bring their ideas to market.

As a business, you might have a prototype for an application that you’re struggling to build. You might have a fantastic idea for an application or product, but lack the in-house skills or resources to make it a reality.

Outsourcing your development allows us to turn our full development know-how onto your project and help you bring your concept to fruition.

How we can help

There are several ways development outsourcing can help a project:

Project delivery

You might have an idea or a prototype that you want to turn into a fully working application and launch to market but lack the in house resource and expertise to do so.

Outsourcing would allow you to bring in a team to develop your application. Our approach means we would work alongside your business, acting as your development team.

We can take over, manage and complete the project on your behalf. This encompasses our entire development skill set, from helping to refine and optimise the architecture for your application, to making suggestions on proposed functionality. We then begin development utilising our Agile Development philosophy which allows us to be incredibly flexible to any changing requirements you might have.

You’re kept informed of progress at every stage of the project. Different iterations of the project are shown to you for approval as we gradually increase the scope, functionality and scale of the application throughout its development. Releases tend to be incremental, allowing us to deliver business value as early as possible as well as building a sturdy platform that meets your needs.

Additional support

Your internal team might be stretched across multiple projects. Outsourcing allows you to increase the capacity of your team or hand off tasks to other people, providing some essential breathing room.

In these situations you could hand an entire development project over to another team. This gives your in-house team more space to focus on other tasks while also providing access to a team of additional experienced developers who can work on whatever is necessary to help achieve your full potential.

Overcoming skill shortages

Within your project, you might find that there are aspects of functionality or specific bugs and problems that you are struggling to implement or overcome.

Outsourcing with us allows you to utilise an additional team with expertise in delivering extensive web applications all built with our many years of experiences using Ruby on Rails.

Our Agile framework allows us to learn and develop quickly, so, if we can’t immediately solve a problem, we work in a way that allows us to learn and overcome quickly, which is crucial when you’re looking to complete a project with a tight deadline.

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