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Whether you are about to embark on a new, green fields development or make some fundamental changes to an existing legacy application, it’s critical to have a clear plan for how the application is going to be built, protected and maintained.

Utilising Outsourcing services for System Architecture allows you to call upon our expertise to ensure your project has the strongest foundation possible.

Points to review

We can help you by looking at your existing system architecture or by helping you formulate the architecture for a greenfield application (an application that isn’t reliant on prior work).

When we’re asked to determine the ideal architecture for a project, there are a number of areas that we need to consider.

  • Security – you need to be confident that, once your platform is online, all of your security considerations have been taken into account and closed off. This includes security considerations at both application and infrastructure levels.
  • Stability – by looking for and eliminating single points of failure within your platform, and building on tried and tested technology, you can ensure that your application remains online with the highest possible uptime.
  • Performance & Scale- your application might fluctuate in terms of traffic and usage. Understanding how well your application performs under a heavy load, and ensuring you’re prepared for peaks in traffic, is vital. Getting the best performance from your application requires attention to detail and must be reviewed throughout its growth.
  • Cost – are you using the most appropriate technology to maximise your return on investment?

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