Web Product Development

As a business, you might need a platform that enables you to engage with your customers and allows them to make use of your services.

Through our expertise in Ruby on Rails and our focus on an Agile development philosophy, we’re able to help devise and develop robust platforms that meet your specific business requirements.

What we create

We design and develop web applications that deliver outstanding value to our clients. A web application is a tool or a portal that can be accessed online. Typically web applications and content-only websites both promote a product or business, however, a web application provides additional functionality, usually allowing its’ users to engage with the business.

Software as a Service (SaaS), whereby you provide a service to your clients or customers through your web application usually on a subscriptions basis, can prove to be an excellent business model, allowing companies to grow and scale quickly. If your business is structured in this way, then you will  need a robust platform to allow your customers to access and utilise your services, which is where Createk can help.

We’re able to build the SaaS application that will allow you to provide customers with access to your software and services, as well as providing a solid technical foundation for future growth and expansion.

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