Minimum Viable Product Application Development

You might have an idea for a product, but need help in making that idea a reality. A Minimal Viable Product as the name suggests is the minimum working version of your concept or idea that is commercially viable. It’s all about working out what the market wants (and doesn’t want) as quickly as possible. The idea of the MVP emerged from Lean Startups and has an extremely strong business and financial footing as you don’t waste time, budget and resource developing something that doesn’t meet requirements. At Createk we strongly believe in the MVP approach to product development and apply this thinking to everything we create.

We can work with you to determine how feasible your product is, and help plan the next phase of development.

Providing the support and development know-how you need, our team can help take an idea, proof of concept or prototype and transform it into a fully realised product that meets your specific needs and specifications.

How we help

We can use our skills and experience to help you add to and evolve your idea into something market ready. This can include helping you consider additional functionality, scalability, security and infrastructure — everything you need to make your product a success.

Our working process is designed to help us work alongside you to create the best possible product.

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