The tech strategies you need to expand your business

By John Cleary

The tech strategies you need to expand your business

Business growth is the ultimate goal for many, but nothing good ever comes without a price. Some small businesses don’t have the capital for continued expansion. However, there are technological ways to expand without over-burdening your business with unreasonable expenses. Here are some tech strategies for affordable growth which will get you off to a great start. 

Going mobile

As a business in the modern market, you won’t survive long without a credible website backed by high-performing software. These factors boost customer service and help simplify and improve efficiency in your managerial processes. The better your website is at this, the more valuable time and money you will save. 

But if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll need to correct this as soon as possible. When you offer a mobile experience which optimises functionality, consistency, and convenience to clients, you gain trust and credibility. 67% of internet users worldwide visit the web on a mobile device. Your site needs to be multi-functional if you want to retain the highest amount of customers.

Luckily, if you’ve already been through the extensive web development process, it shouldn’t be difficult for developers to create a mobile-friendly version of your site. But a better solution is to develop mobile apps which help people complete certain tasks from their smartphones. For example, 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps. So it makes sense for there to be apps dedicated to YouTube and Netflix. Apply this thinking to your own business where possible.

Get your head in the cloud

The cloud offers smaller businesses a unique way of expansion due to its pricing model. The cloud offers unique opportunities such as remote working and access to advanced software on a subscription basis. But, most importantly, it’s affordable. 

Cloud solutions often operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, charging based on usage. This means you only pay for what you use or store allowing for easy, scalable operations in your business. This means you can grow your business without overpaying for expensive software or infrastructure in huge chunks then having to make up the difference by forcing sales and more business. You are free to grow in the way and at the speed you desire and focus on building the right business. 

Secure new funding

While technology can help you grow while keeping overheads low, sometimes there’s no way around the fact that effective growth needs significant investment. But you can still use technology to your advantage. 

If your company promotes an impressive, innovative technology-based growth model, you will have a better chance of securing funding via crowdsourcing or venture capital. People who invest in growing companies look for ones that have huge potential for the future, and integrating the right technology into your business is a huge part of showcasing that. 

Technology streamlines your processes and boosts customer service more affordably, helping you reach more customers and boost more effective growth. But infusing this technology into your business is also a way to better your chances of securing finance so you can grow strong and freely. 

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