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You might have an idea for a product, but need help in making that idea a reality. A Minimal Viable Product as the name suggests is the minimum working version of your concept or idea that is commercially viable. It’s all about working out what the market wants (and doesn’t want) as quickly as possible. The idea of the MVP emerged from Lean Startups and has an extremely strong business and financial footing as you don’t waste time, budget and resource developing something that doesn’t meet requirements. At Createk we strongly believe in the MVP approach to product development and apply this thinking to everything we create.

We can work with you to determine how feasible your product is, and help plan the next phase of development.  

Providing the support and development know-how you need, our team can help take an idea, proof of concept or prototype and transform it into a fully realised product that meets your specific needs and specifications.

Tom Smith, Founder of TP Solutions

It's been a pleasure working with the Createk team, their expertise and input was like no other!

Whether you're starting out or need a helping hand we are here to help

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Start ups

If you’re a new business, you might have an idea for a product but no real thoughts on where to start in terms of developing it or even if your idea could succeed. We can point you in the right direction, then provide the support and development know-how to help bring your idea to life.

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Project recovery

If you aren’t happy with your current software supplier and think a project may have gone off track, we can help. We can assess the status of a project using our health check criteria. Then make suggestions and work with you to turn a potentially failing project into successful piece of software.

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You might have a project that your team simply doesn’t have the time to devote their full attention to. Outsourcing services allow us to work in partnership with your business, utilising our skills and experience to help ensure smooth delivery of a project and keep your business on track.

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Team extension

Our skills and flexibility allow us to work alongside your existing in-house team to fill gaps within a skillset or act as an overflow allowing you to stay on track. We want to help you create the best product possible and by working as an extension of your business you can utilise our skills to achieve your goals.

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