Using technology to streamline your plant’s policies and procedures

By John Cleary

Using technology to streamline your plant’s policies and procedures

All industries have their own extensive policies and procedures. These are in place to ensure staff satisfaction, business productivity, and that everything runs smoothly. 

But when it comes to plant operation, there’s more potential for things to go awry. This opens up the possibility of greater danger. So the health and safety of your staff must be even more of a priority, and any guidelines should be fully understood by every member of your team.

It is important that information relating to your policies and procedures is readily available, revisable, and well managed. This way, you can be confident everything is operating effectively, safely, and with less room for error or mistakes. Technology is one way you can help safeguard proceedings.

Accessible by all

Policies and procedures, although similar, should be separated. They aren’t always interdependent. Sometimes a policy might change that doesn’t affect the corresponding procedures, or a procedure may change but the general policy does not. For the sake of ease, it might be worth creating two different sets of documents that are accessible from the same place.

Your policy and procedure documents should be the first point of call whenever staff need extra guidance or clarification. A digital file management system is a much more future-proof and accessible alternative to printed-out hard copies, which are prone to damage or loss. 

Having an online interface that utilises the cloud and is accessible by anyone within the company is ideal. It means you can easily share paperwork with new employees as part of first-day orienteering. It is also the more environmentally conscious choice, saving on paper waste.


Keeping your paperwork on an online interface also means it is easily revisable. Staff with the correct clearance will be able to tweak any policies or procedures. Because they are online, these will then be instantly available for all members of staff. This way, you remove the chance of anyone following out-of-date information. 

It is also possible to send out a mass prompt for staff to read over any revised information. You can then be sure everyone is up to date and viewing the correct information.

Setting guidelines

Using technology for your policies and procedures also means you can maintain a routine process. You can set online signature prompts at multiple stages to prevent employees from skipping through. If everything must go through a regimented procedure, you decrease the likelihood of information being ignored or missed. 

You can create a system that will show you which staff have or have not completed the appropriate paperwork. You will then be able to chase the necessary staff and ensure regulations are always met.

Potential for interactivity

43% of millennials say they have not read most of their employee handbook, while 36% don’t even know where it is. Technology provides the opportunity for interactivity throughout your paperwork. This way you can improve staff engagement with the information.

You can add quizzes to summarise key information and then track your employee’s scores. Or incorporate videos or animations to make the information more entertaining. Your staff are less likely to take in essential information if they are bored or unmotivated while doing so.

When it comes to important documentation like your policies and procedures, it is important that all staff are aware of and understanding the key information. Using an online system keeps your paperwork up-to-date, readily available, engaging, and conforming to a strict process that ensures it is understood by all employees. 

At Createk, we provide online interfaces to streamline workflow and employee management. Your policies and procedures are essential for both operations and safety, so you shouldn’t risk them being inaccessible or poorly understood. If you have any questions about our services or want to learn more about what we do, contact us on 0330 995 0685.

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