The importance of maintaining interest in technology and creativity

By Hassan Khalid

The importance of maintaining interest in technology and creativity

Society tends to put a premium on subjects that are more ‘academic’. Because of this, technology and creative industries often remain on the periphery of education. We sometimes label creative subjects as less important than others. And we often see technology as a basic component of other subjects rather than being exciting and useful on its own.

96% of teachers in a survey say that technology has had a positive impact on the way children learn and take part in lessons. Similarly, 56% report that children were noticeably more engaged while using technology. 

But shouldn’t technology be more than an aid in education? In this digital age, we should focus more on educating the younger generations about technology and creativity. It’s important to remind children how technology can be essential across all industries and how harnessing creativity through tech can be powerful.

A stigma surrounding ‘academic’

For a long time, there has been a decline in students taking on creative subjects. Science, maths, business, and engineering are more popular than art, music, and performing arts. But creative subjects and industries still have their place. They’re responsible for a significant portion of the UK economy and deserve more recognition. 

Think about the input technology has had on the development of other STEM subjects. Science would not be where it is without the help of technology. But its importance still isn’t reflected in education. 

Technological advancement helps all

Where there’s a split between what’s considered as academic or the arts, technology sits in the middle. Technology can revolutionise all industries, able to both be scientific and creative. Technological advancement provides the backbone for our development across all industries. It’s likely to carry our societies further than we’ve ever gone before. Yet in schools, children are often only taught basic ICT skills such as how to make an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. 

Considering what technology will bring to our future, it’s important we introduce children to the possibilities of technology and how it can harness their creativity. We want younger generations to feel inspired to enter the tech world and not feel that creative subjects are less important than the ‘core’ subjects.

Here at Createk, we are doing our bit to promote changes like these. We recently ran a competition at Cheadle Hulme Junior School. To introduce a year five class to the importance of technology, we tasked them with designing their own apps. Through activities like this, we want to show that, at its core, technology can be a fun and expressive outlet. But more than that, we hope the younger generations will realise the benefits technology has on all industries and the power it has in revolutionising their future.

At Createk, we aim to inspire the younger generations to see the potential benefits of a career in technology. Technology carries forward so many other industries and therefore requires more representation within education. If you have any questions about our services or want to learn more about what we offer, contact us on 0330 995 0685.

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