Why we should teach the younger generations how to code

By John Cleary

Why we should teach the younger generations how to code

In 2017, 50% of enterprises trying to recruit ICT specialists found their vacancies hard to fill. In the same year, 5.1% of the UK’s total employment were ICT specialists. What these statistics show is that people with advanced technical knowledge are in high demand for jobs. Yet not enough of the population is educated to a high enough standard.

In this digital age, the ability to code and carry out complex digital programming is a useful skill to have. Developing applications is a sought-after service that can benefit every industry. The future of technology is very much unknown, but it’s safe to assume the sky’s the limit.

With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to ensure the younger generations know how to code? Current curriculums teach children basic computer skills at best. We need to find alternative programmes that show younger generations how essential coding can be across all industries.

Planning ahead

We can only imagine the technical advancements around the corner. While all developers aim to future-proof their software, there’s only so much hypothetical future we can plan for. When technology and software could lead us anywhere, it’s best to think even further long-term.

Surely the most beneficial way to prepare for the future is to make sure there is a younger generation of coders ready to tackle whatever the future may bring. If teaching coding happens sooner, the younger generations can enter their careers at a much more advanced stage than the previous generations have. Building the knowledge early on means there’s even more time for them to advance and develop.

The future is (even more) digital

While we’re already in an extremely innovative and digital world, where everyone has access to technology right in their pocket, it takes more to turn that into enthusiasm for a career.

We can already see a societal push towards STEM topics, but we need more to achieve the increase we need. Bringing a more in-depth approach to ICT in schools will mean more children grow up with a basic understanding of what it is. What it involves. How beneficial it can be. When we see the same level of career aspiration applied to that as we see to something like being a doctor, then we’ll see the numbers entering the industry we want to.

Far-reaching benefits

While preparing for a future digital landscape, teaching the younger generations how to code also has wider benefits. During the process, they’re likely to pick up key skills in problem-solving, patience, and creative thinking. Whether they go on to be a software developer or not, they’ll have some useful skills to integrate into whatever they choose to do.

To best plan for a future where anything is possible with technology, it’s time to educate the younger generations on coding and what it can do for the digital world we live in.

Businesses like Northcoders and Code Nation are doing their part by offering intensive coding boot camps. With an education that goes beyond the basics, they’ll shape the future generation of expert programmers.

We’re sponsoring the BASH Festival of Code, taking place this August. A week-long coding festival for 13-17-year-olds, BASH understands the importance of educating the younger generations about coding, something we also feel strongly about.

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