The digital plateau – are you investing in the right tech?

By John Cleary

The digital plateau – are you investing in the right tech?

Every industry is racing to the peak of digital innovation. After all, technology is your best friend when it drives human interaction and customer satisfaction. But when it’s not correctly utilised, cracks in a company’s digital foundation start to threaten entire operations. It’s less ‘reaching the peak’ and more ‘hitting a plateau’. The desire to be the best – with all the bells and whistles – can be detrimental. It begs the question: is there such a thing as too much investment?

The current techscape

By the end of this decade, reports from IDC have stated that 50% of the global 2000 will see the majority of their business depend on their ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services, and experiences. This is hardly surprising considering the boom in the digital tech sector. Last year, it’s estimated that businesses spent $1.67 trillion on technology (hardware, software, and services). These impressive figures are all trying to tackle the same problems. However, throwing large figures at technology may not always be the correct thing to do.

Excessive technology for the sake of technology

For many companies, big budgets get in the way of genuine insight. We make software purchases because competitors favour them or acquire technology simply for the sake of supposed progress and innovation. However, unless you’re providing better connection, value, or service to your customers, this is not always true. Excessive and expensive high-tech systems that don’t improve the customer experience may even be seen as being economically irresponsible.

This is the trap of using technology without a plan. It’s critical to formulate a step-by-step strategy for the technology you plan to use before you purchase it. This strategy must include a purpose, such as fixing a client problem or improving staff efficiency, and an understanding of why this is not possible with your current infrastructure.

Take your data management strategy. Before even considering new technological solutions, it’s critical to evaluate your existing technology to determine underlying problems or inefficiencies. With this in mind, you can approach new technology with purpose and direction.

AI applications – enhanced or ruined customer experience?

AI is is this great game changer to efficiency across the board for industry operations. In many respects, this is correct. But it’s all too easy to forget that technology should augment human interactions instead of replace them.

The companies that correctly utilise AI in software processes will be the ones that allow deeper and more meaningful customer relationships. It helps you notice any current issues surrounding your product or service and consequently, allows you to apply better solutions. Positive customer impact should always be at the forefront of your technology strategy.

The key is to keep your focus on customer experience, rather than keeping up with the latest technological trends. When your company has the insight and purpose before purchasing new technology, you will be able to extract much more value from it. That old adage is true – quality over quantity.

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