Why so many startups use Ruby on Rails to build their software

By Hassan Khalid

Why so many startups use Ruby on Rails to build their software

Ruby on Rails has taken the world by storm. Many of today’s most successful apps and internet services have used Ruby on Rails to build their websites. For example, this includes big guns like Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify, Twitch, and Netflix.

For developing web apps, the ruby language builds powerful and understandable programs. This has opened up the doors for startups to utilise the benefits of shorter development times, better clarity, and improved simplicity. Let’s take a closer look at why Ruby on Rails has become so popular in the startup world.

Tried and tested for rapid development

As an open source framework, Ruby on Rails allows contributors from all over the world to help expand its capabilities. This thriving community builds third-party libraries that add to the impressive reach of the technology. We call these libraries  ‘gems’, and they act like an extension. Ruby gems are ready-made solutions that allow the rapid testing, development, and traction of apps.

After well over a decade, the community that powers this open source framework are still developing gems to improve the capabilities of Ruby on Rails while supporting it at the same time.

Ramping up for increased load

Marketing campaigns are not always entirely predictable. If you have a sudden influx of new visitors, you want to feel confident you can handle increasing numbers of requests per minute. Your app framework is an important part of the ability to scale rapidly.

Without getting too technical, Ruby on Rails is designed to handle rapid scaling. You can divide the application into functional blocks that allow you to scale your app horizontally. In other words, it’s easier to spread out your resources so your framework isn’t overwhelmed.

Security is paramount

Special assurances have gone into the Ruby on Rails framework to make it more secure. A primary function of the large developer community behind Ruby on Rails is to keep it up to date. Any plugins or applications undergo rigorous security tests prior to release. Along with the Secure Development Lifecycle (a complex security assurance process), these features make Ruby on Rails a safe environment.

Cost effective and time efficient

Time constraints and tight budgets plague startups all over the world. Anything to address these two issues is basically a miracle in the startup sector and deserves attention.

With its open source framework and the contribution of gems, web, and app developers, anyone can add features without having to develop them from scratch. The hardest part is a non-factor thanks to the global network of dedicated contributors. These savings in time and effort translate into faster product development and less money spent on technical staff.

The strength of Ruby on Rails lies its ability to develop apps quickly and easily, thanks to support from technology and a highly skilled network of contributors. The tech is stable and flexible enough to build the framework of any web application.

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