Senior Software Engineer

To be a suitable candidate for this position you should be an experienced software engineer with typically five* years’ experience within a digital agency or software house and be accustomed to a fast-paced, client facing role.


  • OOP
  • Ruby
  • Front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap)
  • RDBMS such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Comfortable with Unix (or keen to learn)
  • git
  • AWS or other cloud-based hosting


  • Solve challenging problems with code.
  • Take part in daily stand ups.
  • Participate in Client meetings and planning activities.
  • Be an advocate of Agile practices.
  • Take responsibility for your Personal Development activity.
  • Participate in architectural planning and decision making.
  • Mentor other team members.
  • Provide production application support.
  • Provide infrastructure support.

We’re different

We are committed to your personal development. We want to help you on your career path and with your personal development goals. And it’s not just rhetoric, here’s how we do it:

  • Fun Friday. We spend most Friday afternoons working on personal projects, contributing to Open Source, or watching training videos.
  • Conferences. We believe that great things happen when communities come together around a technology or a language. Conferences are an excellent way to boost your skills and feed your passion for technology, which is why we pay for regular conference attendance. And if you want to present at a conference – well, even better.
  • Blogging. Got something to say, then why not write a post for the company’s website?
  • Training. Courses can be an excellent way to kick start your knowledge or take you to the next level. Find a suitable course and we’ll do what we can to send you!
  • Books and On-Line materials. We’ll gladly pay for any books or on-line materials you use to grow and develop yourself.

If you are interested, why not get in touch using our contact form, and we can meet up for a coffee and a chat.