Can any business scale up with automation?

By Hassan Khalid

Can any business scale up with automation?

The never-ending chase in business is that of greater success. Virtually every business owners aim is to reach greater heights and push the limits of their profitability. Both for its own thriving growth but also for the protection of its employees. While there are many ways to scale your business as you grow, technology affords you certain, more efficient paths.

Automation is one such essential path to scaling your business. ‘Scaling up’ is a popular buzzword, but if we ignore the buzz, and look at what the term means at its core, it might lead us to grow a better business

What is scaling?

Depending on the context – and who is using the word – scaling can mean different things to different people. However, most agree that while it is focused on business growth, scaling refers to a particular model of growth. 

When companies grow, they are often increasing revenue just as fast as they are adding resources which allows the increase to occur. For example, if a company gained £50,000 in new revenue, they may also have had to hire a new sales manager who earns a £50,000 salary. 

In comparison, when companies scale, they add resources at a linear rate while creating revenue at an exponential rate. They add revenue faster than they take on new costs. A company scaling, for example, could earn £50,000 in new revenue by spending just £5,000 on new automation software. 

It is no surprise scaling is huge right now. It is an effective growth plan which will pay off massively for shareholders. And there is an abundance of tools to make this type of growth possible. 

Using automation for scaling up

Scaling is a desirable strategy due to the large gains you can make with relatively small increases in resources. This is down to advancements in technology that allow businesses to market to customers more effectively, increase their customer services, produce better products, and streamline their processes, keeping long-term costs down, and increasing revenue. 

Some businesses are easier to scale than others. For example, a subscription-based company might charge £20 per month for access to their application. 

Once the tool is operational, it costs them little to activate new users, meaning they can scale up rapidly as they do not need more resources to get more revenue. However, automation is the key to scaling, even in businesses where it might seem hard. You could start with your website.

If you internationalise your website, for example, and it automatically adapts to users from other countries, you pay a fee for the services of those who develop the software. You do not have to do anything extra, yet you open your business to a wider market which, in the long run, helps you to reach more customers. If you purchase a system which automatically exchanges data between two systems, you reduce the need for manual intervention, thus reducing the likelihood of error.

Not all businesses are easily scalable – these are just a couple of applicable examples – but most businesses can benefit from automation to improve their revenue. Scaling may just be a beneficial side effect of this. 

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