Where Ruby on Rails excels above the alternatives

By John Cleary

Where Ruby on Rails excels above the alternatives

When it comes to building a tech stack for your web app project, the choices can be overwhelming. From Python to Node.js and Django to Ruby, each one has its own qualities and advantages depending on the type of project you’re working on.

Let’s weigh up everything Ruby on Rails (RoR) has to offer and highlight where it really shines for building a successful web app project.

Infrastructure designed for expansion

Equipped with an integrated web server and a growing database with generators and scripts, one of RoR’s key advantages is quick site development. Engineers and coders can speed along with a project as there are so many quality and reliable gems that have been generated by the Ruby community.

Its rapid development cycle and cost-effectiveness is one of the principal reasons it is such a popular choice for startups. Thus, you can deliver prototypes faster and at reduced costs.

CPU intensive applications

RoR shines with applications that are CPU intensive. Comparing it to the single-threaded environment of Node.js, it copes much better when handling image and graphics data. It also runs much faster as Node.js requires a series of choices at the initial stages of development.

Database interoperability

Thanks to the Rails database, ActiveRecord, database migration is relatively simple. It can easily translate the differences among the many SQL interactions that occur. Therefore instead of writing SQL code out, engineers can use the Rails language to describe changes to database tables. Simply put, this allows you to run Rails applications in many different database environments.

Convention over configuration

RoR is a foundation that lays the path for easy site development. Its creator and community believe in a structure that creates best practice for web development. These details in design make web development as predictable and smooth a process as possible. It champions an easy and straightforward framework, backed by readily available, concise documentation and thorough tutorials for engineers to fully utilise.

Another advantage to add to the list, convention doesn’t need to sacrifice flexibility. In particular with RoR, the framework is highly flexible. As a result, engineers have the ability to deploy multiple frameworks and tools that sit alongside RoR for their projects.

The numerous features of Ruby on Rails are best adapted for projects that require rapid rollout and cost-effectiveness, without compromising quality coding. Backed by a highly supportive community, engineers are well equipped to overcome the various challenges confidently and successfully.

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