Using personas to boost sales and company growth

By Hassan Khalid

Using personas to boost sales and company growth

In the age of information, businesses have more tools than ever before to gather valuable and important knowledge about their customer. This enhanced customer understanding is a key driver in securing future revenue.

Marketing strategies designed to sell a product or service are using better methods to understand and target a specific audience. Building accurate and insightful personas are helping more and more businesses to drive effective executive decisions to increase sales.

However, to successfully utilise these avenues of customer understanding, it’s worth taking the time to think about what problems personas solve and how to effectively use them.

What is a persona?

Specifically, a persona is a detailed fictional description of someone who has an interest in your company and will likely use your services or buy your products. This description is using analysis and data collection. In its basic form, it can include everything from their includes age and gender to their job title and salary. However, many companies are developing personas with much greater depth to include behaviours, priorities, responsibilities, and even personality traits.

There are two core benefits to using in-depth personas. When you combine sales and marketing in strategy, personas humanise abstract marketing descriptions. It puts the customer back into the heart of every executive decision you make. This gives rise to more compelling and meaningful products, along with personalised marketing strategies.

Customer impact comes down to creating a product or service for someone, not everyone. This is the greatest benefit of taking the time to understand your target persona. They are also useful when distilling your user stories during the early stages of application development.

What problems are personas solving?

Wasting resources on false leads is frustrating for both sales and marketing teams. Marketing is not targeting the correct audience and sales can’t do their job properly. For B2B, this lack of specialisation was clear as day in recent surveys – 61% of marketers sent all leads directly to sales when only 27% of those leads were appropriate.

Spending time with the wrong people for your product or service needs to be rectified. Because without carefully constructed buyer personas, it’s much more difficult to get the most out of your sales team and growth will suffer.

Developing a persona

First things first, dive into the details of this persona’s life and find out what is important to them. Uncover both the demographics of your persona and their appropriate behaviours.

You can use quantitative data such as age, gender, level of education, job title, and level of income to create a persona, depending on the product or service you are selling.

The bigger details and customer drivers come from asking important behavioural questions about your persona. For example, consider their daily responsibilities, routine, and obstacles. Think about what makes this persona’s life easier. If it’s B2B you’re targeting, identify the way they interact with your company, along with their motivations and problems.

With a greater understanding of your persona’s demographics, likes, dislikes, responsibilities, and problems, your company is taking important steps to putting the customer at the core of your development, marketing, and sales decisions.

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