Disrupting your existing market: how your customer-facing website and apps can get you there

By Hassan Khalid

Disrupting your existing market: how your customer-facing website and apps can get you there

In today’s world, businesses must adapt to their market, rather than expecting the market to adapt to them. Digital developments mean the landscape moves fast and change can happen overnight. Businesses need to keep up.

This momentum creates the potential for disrupting existing markets. It is important to think forward, take into account consumer trends, and commit to what your customers want. In doing this you can become a pioneer of your industry. You can offer a user experience that is unparalleled, scalable, and can develop quickly so you are leading the way for those around you. You never want to be playing catch-up; instead, let the competition chase you.

One way you can disrupt your market is to revolutionise your customer-facing website and apps. Serving as 24/7 middle grounds between customers and business operations, you want these to be as streamlined and effective as possible.

Customer experience

At the forefront of your mind when developing a customer-facing website or app should be customer experience. How is the website’s usability? Does the user experience stand out or fade into the background?

65% of buyers consider a positive experience more influential than great advertising, so it pays to make your user experience as positive as possible. While customers should find your website or app easy to use, there’ is nothing wrong with a few bells and whistles. You want to stand out and be a customer’s first choice.

If the website is the only place your customers will interact with the business – for example, an online retailer – then it is even more important that your audience enjoys using the site, are satisfied, and feels no need to look elsewhere.

Customer service

Customer-facing sites can transform customer service. Online reviews have been shown to impact over 67% of purchasing decisions, meaning what your audience says about you is key.

You can develop a system that streamlines communications with customers, meaning no message goes unanswered and queries are picked up sooner. You want your operations to run even smoother when things go wrong. A quick response can be all it takes to turn a negative review into a positive one.

For a customer, making a query will involve typing into a box. The software routes the information to the right place which improves the turnaround time from receipt of message to response, which ultimately will improve the experience.

Build a connected network

You can build a system that streamlines all your operations into one cohesive network. You want a customer-facing website or app that can work alongside any internal systems you have in place.

Customer questions or complaints can go through your customer-facing site and then get sent to the appropriate team through an internal business system. You want a complementary internal system that is available to all your staff, so everything can be more efficient.

One of the ways you can disrupt your existing market is by creating one-of-a-kind customer-facing sites. You want to streamline processes and offer a unique user experience. Your customers increase brand awareness so it is worth putting some effort into how they experience your business online.

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