Internationalising your platform – it’s time to expand your market

By Hassan Khalid

Internationalising your platform – it’s time to expand your market

Internationalising your business is becoming increasingly important as technology allows us to enter wider markets across the world. The brilliant thing about the internet is our sales are no longer restricted by our geographical location.

Previously, getting the word out about your products and services across Asia or America, for example, would have been difficult. Even if you managed it, you wouldn’t have been able to trade effectively without a physical presence in these countries. Cut to today, when marketing and shipping abroad can be as simple as having an effective social media campaign and a good deal with a trustworthy courier.

The doors to opportunities across the world are firmly open. However, to keep up with the ever-expanding market, we must adapt to the way consumers operate in other countries. This starts with facilitating their engagement with your brand in their own language.

Why you need to internationalise

As UK-based businesses, internationalising websites or applications can slip to the back of our minds. After all, English is so widely spoken. In reality, Mandarin is the most popular language in the world with 1.2 billion native speakers, followed by Spanish, with around 400 million speakers. English comes in third with 360 million native speakers. This leaves the rest of the population (approximately 5.8 billion) speaking hundreds of different languages.

Internationalising your business is a simplistic but effective way to grow your customer base and bring in more sales. As an example, let’s look at our work with CR Worldwide.

Internationalising CR Worldwide

CR Worldwide is a company focussed on providing sales, recognition, events, and reward programmes locally, regionally, and globally since 2002. As a company who says they target audiences globally, it’s surprising their platform wasn’t available in other languages, catering to English speakers only. Noticing the way they were restricting their reach on the international market, CR Worldwide came to Createk to internationalise their sales incentive, rewards, and recognition platform.

There was a lot of work for us to do as the platform didn’t support multiple languages, despite using Ruby on Rails. The fact each page on their platform was customisable to each client complicated matters further. Every word, phrase, block of text, and list needed translating easily. Even images might need translating if they have text on them.

Despite the challenges we faced, we built the features necessary to allow CR Worldwide’s clients to view information in a variety of languages through a continuous delivery approach. As a result, CR Worldwide has delivered multi-lingual programmes to around 10% of their existing clients and increased programme engagement by removing the language barrier. They also converted three new leads into clients due to their ability to deliver reward programmes in eight new languages. Furthermore, they have obtained several new multinational companies, from IT suppliers to car manufacturers.

The brilliance of internationalising your platform

Businesses are always hunting for new, fast, and simple ways to drive growth. They know the answer relies on improving their technology and introducing automation into their processes. However, many businesses overlook the huge amount of opportunities waiting for them when they step outside of the single-language bubble. Internationalising your platform immediately gives you access to millions of new leads, consumers, and sales when you make them a part of your target audience. You become a niche player and are much more attractive to international clients.

Adapting your applications for an international audience is an investment that will pay off through increased sales and broader reach. It ensures your platforms are ready to expand with your business well into the future. Doing so is simply a matter of finding the right company to revolutionise your platform.

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