How integrated software systems can take your business to the next level

By Hassan Khalid

How integrated software systems can take your business to the next level

Ease of integration is one of the greatest gifts software developers can give us. For example, just ask the hospital, whose new heart rate monitor can gel with their current system straight out of the box. Or the business whose new CRM software effortlessly extends the functionality of their current systems.

When it comes to interoperability, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. The ideal program that can be integrated without difficulty or customisation is a dream for any IT department.

This all sounds fantastic on paper, but it isn’t always so simple. Indeed, various industries are struggling with interoperability. A study looking at the software systems of design, engineering, and facilities management industries found that $15.8 billion in interoperability costs were quantified in a single year.

It’s time to weigh up the costs of failing to integrate software systems and benefits of a business software solution with integration in mind.

Failure to integrate

Your current software strategy could be driving a number of problems in your business. Worse still, these problems face further exacerbation if you decide to scale your operations. These include:

  • Productivity – Inefficient processes that don’t communicate or function together slow your entire operations down.
  • Technical costs – In an unintegrated system, trying to run and maintain several systems at the same time can feel like a never-ending cycle of wasted time. Fixing one problem creates another.
  • Data problems – When data is not shared properly and updated across every department of your business, fragmentation is likely to occur. You risk corrupting your own data by having different systems with different information.

Many of these errors fall at the feet of managers who opt for short-term tactical needs over future efficiency and scalability. So it’s time for a software system that has interoperability in mind.

The benefits of interoperability

Integrated software solutions can combine the multitude of key functions your business relies on to operate. They allow smooth communication and integration between critical functions such as purchasing, sales, inventory management, CRM, reporting, and many more.

The advantages of restructuring your software architecture are clear. With everything customised to one application, productivity and cross-department co-operation become seamless and highly efficient. Data updates across the platform, ensuring there are no duplicates. It means you can pour more resources into important tasks that generate more sales and revenue.

Choosing integration

In practically every industry, companies are utilising state-of-the-art technology to fuel growth. But the biggest problem they face is the growing disconnect between the various software systems throughout their business.

Software solutions designed with interoperability in mind transform these inefficiencies into one flowing, seamless, and dynamic application. The problems of the past have dissolved as businesses with integrated systems thrive and channel extra resources into future company growth.

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