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We work using an Agile framework. This allows us to more efficiently develop, learn, and refine applications and prototypes in order to deliver a working product to a client quickly.

Agile development means there is a greater focus on collaboration between developer and client, which is something we value and take to heart. That’s because we feel that collaboration is how you get the best possible results and final product, due to the deeper understanding of your specific needs and requirements.

What is Agile Development?

Agile development is an approach to software development that focuses more on viable results, interaction, collaboration, and adaptation, rather than adhering to strict processes and documentation.

This is a much more fluid way of working that allows developers to be more productive and flexible, finding new ways to overcome problems and improve functionality within applications.

As a concept, it plays directly to our strengths and preferred ways of working. We work in pairs and small groups on projects, reacting to the changes that come along with a close working relationship with our clients. Focussing on adaptation and responsiveness over documentation and contract negotiation allows us to help the businesses that we work with in a much more efficient and effective way.

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How does it work?

Agile development methodologies focus on collaboration between different teams. There’s a stronger focus on delivering small regular releases of a project, gradually increasing scale and functionality through different versions.

Working this way allows us to test the scope and power of an application in an environment where bugs and issues are identified and eliminated early through constant testing within each iteration of a product.

Test-driven development means we create automated tests alongside the working application. This has many benefits such as sustainable development velocity and fewer issues, and results in  applications that are easier to maintain and grow. While Test-driven development is not strictly an agile practice, many teams will adhere to TDD as it is aligned to the agile principle of “working software over comprehensive documentation”

Whenever we produce a new version of an application, it is showcased to the product owner or client for approval. This allows for further evaluation and feedback and helps us to work with you to identify any other features we should work towards including.

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