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At Createk, we primarily work in Ruby on Rails when we develop different applications. Ruby on Rails is an open source framework that is perfectly suited for creating powerful web applications.

We constantly strive to improve our skills and experience with this framework. We focus on paired development and always look for new opportunities to learn and grow as developers. Ruby on Rails is supported by a robust community who help with this through constant sharing of new ideas, techniques and perspectives.

What is Ruby on Rails?

First released in 2005, Ruby on Rails is a framework for developing web applications.

The Ruby on Rails framework is written in the Ruby programming language. This means a developer has to first learn how to write Ruby code before learning the Rails framework.

Rails heavily utilises the Model-View-Controller, or MVC pattern. This pattern essentially splits an application into a number of related parts. In this case, an application is split into models, views and controllers.

Within an MVC application the user interacts with the controller. This, in turn, manipulates the model which then updates the view for the user.

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Why do we use Ruby on Rails?

The Ruby programming language is a highly-evolved, object-oriented programming language that allows a developer to write clear and easy-to-understand code. This may not sound very important, but when you consider that a developer spends about 70% of their working life reading code, then using a language that is easy to read and understand is very important indeed.

Ruby on Rails is a highly productive framework to work in. It is often described as “highly opinionated”, which means that all the trivial decisions about what things should be called or which library to use have been decided for you – this allows the developer to concentrate on solving problems and delivering business value.

Ruby on Rails was one of the first frameworks to adopt this “convention over configuration” philosophy, which many others have since taken on board.

Rails is also extremely well supported. It has dozens of open source extensions and libraries available.

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