How we work

From our choice of primary development language to our collaborative development philosophy everything we do at Createk is designed to be as straightforward, practical and effective as possible.

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Ruby on Rails

We work primarily in Ruby on Rails, a robust and pragmatic development framework that is perfectly suited for the creation of powerful web applications.
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Agile Development

As a software development team, we focus on an Agile development philosophy. This places a strong emphasis on collaboration, responding to change, and delivery, all of which help make us a more effective team.
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Understanding businesses and their needs is central to the work we do. This is why we place such a huge emphasis on effective communication. We aim to be completely transparent at every step of a project so our clients know what we’re working on. We create an environment where clients are encouraged to share ideas and feedback on a project. We then take this feedback on board to make improvements and changes that deliver a much more suitable solution.
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We want to ensure that everything we do meets the highest standards that clients expect. This is why during development we encourage product owners to review and provide feedback on each feature. This valuable feedback helps us to ensure each element of a product meets the client’s needs.

Internally we utilise recognised industry practices, including Test Driven Development and peer code reviews. This allows us to constantly learn from each other and explore new ways to work more effectively.

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