How informed mobile app design can make you more competitive

By Hassan Khalid

How informed mobile app design can make you more competitive

The importance of mobile applications to many businesses is undeniable. Their growth over the years largely stems from continuing shifts in the way people use their devices, interact with brands, and complete tasks.

There was a time we associated effective mobile apps with big-name brands like banks, high-street retailers, and streaming services. Today, having a mobile application is often a popular choice for any business offering customers a seamless service. It may also help you reach more people who interact with brands from portable devices. 

The value of mobile apps

In the past, businesses were born and the app came second – or even 42nd – on the list of priorities. However, over the past decade, we’ve seen businesses who were born app-first and shook the market. These companies include the likes of Airbnb and Uber whose whole business centres around the usage of mobile apps. 

These businesses were successful because they noticed the demand for the convenience, simplicity, and problem-solving abilities mobile applications can bring consumers. Applications are no longer just an extension of a business via a tiny icon on a screen. They are the business, and without them, you could be at a competitive disadvantage. 

How consumers use mobile applications

Research is looking into how customers use multiple apps across the day, providing unique insights to businesses looking to boost customer service. 

For example, after shopping online either in their web browser or on a mobile app, 42% of consumers then use a shopping app or communication/social app. This suggests users like to keep the momentum going and continue shopping, using mobile apps to facilitate easier transactions or share their experiences with friends. Also, research into consumers shows that people download more apps than they need, installing more than 80 apps on their phone but using just over 30 per month. With around 2.8 million apps on Google Play alone, it’s not surprising competition for attention is stiff.

Changing app design

But statistics like these highlight interesting and useful points for businesses. When you understand the way people use apps, it’s easier to design a mobile app that consumers can use the way they want. 

For example, look at how YouTube now integrates with WhatsApp. Users can view shared YouTube videos in a WhatsApp pop-up without having to switch between the two apps for easy watching and communicating simultaneously. But if they choose to, clicking the video will direct them straight to the YouTube app. There are certain apps that are common among vast amounts of the population including:

  • Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Instagram
  • Twitter 
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • BBC News

Ensuring your business app fits in neatly with consumer’s existing usage, perhaps by improving the interactions between your app and the UK’s most popular ones, will get you ahead of the competition and onto consumer devices. 

Competition in the app market is fierce. But having a successful app can increase your exposure to more customers and help you boost your market share. As customers increasingly interact with applications, there are more opportunities than ever to use apps to distinguish your business. 

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