Custom technology and industry disruption: real-world examples of company innovation

By John Cleary

Custom technology and industry disruption: real-world examples of company innovation

No matter the industry, the pressure to stay one step ahead of competitors is constant. With technology providing the majority of today’s innovations, bespoke software solutions can provide the means to scale and increase operational efficiency. Done right, custom software puts you at the front of the pack and forces your competition to play catch-up.

By determining mission-critical features, building a stellar development team, and creating bespoke software that functions rather than sings and dances, companies have implemented technological innovation into their core operations.

To illustrate, here are some examples of companies that invested their software development resources strategically and reaped the benefits.


What do they do?
An online banking experience that provides modern solutions to checking and savings accounts. Basically, it removes the need for bank branches.

How have they used technology to disrupt the industry?
Their team developed a user-friendly, modern, state-of-the-art platform. It is a banking experience that reflects the digital era we live in. On one platform, customers can pay bills online, make hassle-free transfers and photo check deposits, along with various other services.

Mobility is built into the platform’s foundations. Customers can use all services on the cloud through any device connected to the internet.

How have they grown?
Simple has grown from a humble fintech startup to having approximately three million customers and counting. So what is the key to their success? A platform built with users at the heart of every critical feature.


What do they do?
Create digital solutions and promotions to encourage customer loyalty for the world’s best brands.

How have they used technology to disrupt the industry?
For a specific company, HelloWorld will use various digital channels to engage prospective and existing customers through gamification. This entirely depends on client requirements but could include trivia, instant win, polls, surveys, or sweepstakes.

How have they provided client growth?
Olay used HelloWorld digital gamification solutions to generate a 23% boost in sales since the start of a campaign. Similarly, Bare Escentuals worked with HelloWorld to engage customers with gifts based on data from their purchase history. The investment paid off as the company experienced a 1.3 million customer increase in sign-ups to their loyalty program.

As is the case with Simple, HelloWorld, and many other companies, custom software solutions can provide a leap in innovation when it comes to the customer experience. To this end, these digital solutions go above and beyond revenue generation –  helping businesses scale, integrate, and create better cost-effective decisions at every level of organisation.

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