Everything you need to know about custom-built software

By Hassan Khalid

Everything you need to know about custom-built software

Getting the right software solution for your business is critical to your daily operational efforts, customer and employee satisfaction, and ability to scale effectively. Every business has different technological needs and requirements. Some of these require bespoke features and solutions that can only be achieved by custom software development.

Let’s cover some essential advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether custom software development is the right decision for your business.

What exactly is custom-built software?

The whole premise of custom-built software is to put your specific business requirements into the core of design and development. To do this, an in-house development team or outsourced company is required.

The pros of custom-built software

With proper development, custom-built software’s biggest benefit lies in its ability to build the precise features and infrastructure that your business needs. Rather than adapting your operations around your applications, you build your applications for your operations. The result is smoother, more productive, and more efficient digital operations for your entire business.

Placing packaged software on top of your current systems raises interoperability concerns. These systems may clash and fail to share processes, data, and procedures. Custom software has the added benefit of being designed to work alongside your current systems without causing further problems. This allows the team’s across your company to work much more intuitively.

For companies that require extra security and data protection, custom-built software gives you greater options for security. If a bad actor successfully hacks off-the-shelf software, every company using it is potentially in danger. With custom software, you can only be affected by specifically targeted attacks, which are much less common. At the development stage, you also have the opportunity to implement extra security measures to a degree you deem necessary.

The cons of custom-built software

Unfortunately, these benefits come at a cost considerably greater than off-the-shelf solutions. To truly get the most out of custom software, you need to spend large amounts of time and resources researching exactly what your business needs – now and into the distant future.

A software development company will be able to guide and support you through any queries or concerns you might have. You also have to consider the high upfront development and implementation costs.

Considering all of the following, it’s worth weighing up whether your company’s software needs to be specific to your needs as a business or if off-the-shelf solves your software challenges and allows your business to scale.

Whatever your choice, software forms a vital part of your business and getting it right can bring benefits in long-term cost savings, productivity, and efficiency.

If you decide you do require a bespoke solution, we are here to help. At Createk, we build software that meets your specific needs and tackles your unique challenges. So why not get in touch to see how Createk can help you with your application development?

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