How a digital core can pave the way for future technological changes

By John Cleary

How a digital core can pave the way for future technological changes

The world of technology is fluid. Evolution occurs rapidly; so much so, it feels like keeping up is an impossibility. The Internet of Things, advanced analytics, blockchain – these are some of the technological buzzwords that are part of the cacophony.

But keeping up to date is a necessity for all sectors, institutions, and businesses. Companies want to take advantage of these new developments, but until they transform their often static IT systems, they aren’t going to be able to integrate them successfully with their current operations.

The problem is not a lack of will to change. Most CEOs agree that digital transformation is critical. So why are 70% of relevant initiatives to implement these changes failing?

You can have all the determination in the world. You can have the equipment you need and the appropriate technical expertise, processes, and tools. But without the right infrastructure, these efforts will fall flat or possibly backfire. The crucial piece of the puzzle is a digital core that enables and sustains the desired digital transformation.

What are the benefits of a digital core?

A true digital core is at the very heart of a complete digital transformation of any business. It’s the foundation that supports future technologies and how they will be implemented to enhance the customer experience. With this comes new services, features, and customer benefits which expand the sources of revenue for a business.

What to keep in mind during your digital transformation?

A complete digital transformation is much more than making additions and tweaks to your current infrastructure.

It’s a journey that starts with an honest assessment into where your organisation lies in the digital maturity curve and finishes with removing anything that blocks your digital transformation. In between these two important stages, you must map your infrastructure changes to the customer experience. This is critical as any digital change that fails to do so risks excessive or invasive technology for the sake of technology.

Another important reflection to make as a company is whether the top members of your organisation have a unified approach to building a fully digital business. Without collective leadership, it will be almost impossible to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation. This company-wide skill of agility and adaptability has to be implemented on a long-term basis, which requires a cultural and philosophical change in every member of staff. These changes are working when every effort is customer focused, and your organisation has the core infrastructure to implement new initiatives while also easily enabling technological creativity and innovation.

Making the leap to complete digital transformation is neither small or incremental. It’s a huge challenge that requires changes to the foundation of your operation. One that is essential to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

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