Project recovery of a multi-tenant web application platform

By John Cleary

How do you get a large project with thousands of users back on track and running effectively? That was the task we had to overcome when it came to the project recovery for CR Worldwide’s MyRewards platform.

The challenge

Our client had been using an external agency to develop their flagship reward and recognition platform, which was used by over 100 corporate clients.

The relationship was rapidly deteriorating with the development company. The client needed to find a solution to help them move on from this situation quickly, and with ideally no disruption to their customers.

They needed to find a Ruby development company who could take over the management of the platform, without a migration plan in place. Once that company had been selected, the switch in management would have to be instant to minimise disruption.

That new management company would then become part of their internal technical team, helping to guide future decision-making processes. This would particularly be with regards to infrastructure, security and best practices.

The solution

Over the course of two weeks and several meetings with the client, we assessed the current situation and put a plan in place to prepare for the switch over. This included:

  • Conducting a code quality review and overall product health check
  • Mapping out all the dependencies in the  codebase and agreeing a migration plan
  • Reviewing all external services and creating new accounts for the client to give them full ownership
  • Agreeing new ways of working with the client to help establish deliverables, roles and responsibilities.
  • Investing in better communication tools so the client was fully informed at every step

This helped to hand a lot of control back over to the client, allowing them to more effectively manage their own platform for the first time.

The outcome

As a result of our intervention and project recovery services, the client was able to successfully migrate the delivery of the platform from their existing provider to Createk. This was accomplished with no downtime or visible impact to the client.

Alongside the additional support and guidance, the client was able to reduce their development costs by 40%. The client took this cost saving and re-invested it back into their platform which meant they could deliver some promised functionally much earlier.

As part of our work on the platform, we have implemented test driven development (TDD). This has allowed us to add over 3,000 tests into an application, which previously had no automated testing. We can use the results of these tests to drive further improvements and changes to later iterations of the app. Furthermore, the client is now completely comfortable with daily deployments which means their clients received features much sooner.

How Createk can help you with project recovery?

Having a project go off-track can be frustrating and a drain on internal resource. Taking back control is crucial and can help turn a failing project into a success.

At Createk, we provide effective services for assessing projects and getting them back on schedule and running effectively. Our services come with:

Experience – We have years of experience including over 40 in software development.

Expertise – We have developed skills in a wide range of business sectors, from marketing to healthcare, travel to finance.

Agility – We are dynamic and flexible. We work effectively and respond to change fast

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help support and turn-round problem projects, please visit our Project Recovery page. Or get in touch to see how Createk can help you with your web application development.

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