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By John Cleary
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Sometimes, the processes a team or business have in place mean they aren’t working as effectively as they otherwise would like. We were tasked with helping a client adapt to a more agile way of working.

The challenge

Our client had previously worked with external developers on projects which frequently went over time and over budget.

This meant it often took over three months to get any bugs fixed within their platform.

There had been previous attempts to work in a more agile way before, but the client had been unable to effectively embed this within their business.

The client contacted Createk to help them design and implement a new way of working, which meant they could take control and ownership of the development cycle for their flagship platform. The key consideration here was that this would mean they could work with both internal and external developers.

According to research from the Project Management Institute, organisations that adopt an agile philosophy complete projects on time 65% of the time, versus 40% for non-agile companies. They complete 75% of their goals, versus 56% for non-agile, and have even grown revenue of up to 37% faster – highlighting that this methodology can yield positive results for businesses.

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The solution

We had to work closely with the client to identify key areas of weakness and what their overall objectives were. This allowed us to put together a plan to facilitate the change to an agile way of working.

When a company is used to fixed budgets and predetermined requirements, one of the biggest challenges faced is the change to the culture within a business.

Shifting to an agile way of working means adopting a much more flexible approach to problems. However, this also comes with it’s own set of risks. The key learning was to avoid making lots of large-scale changes at once. Instead, we made smaller, incremental changes and monitored their impact on the business.

As part of the project, we implemented the following changes:

 Nominated key roles – this allowed staff within the business to take ownership of the product. This meant supporting the upskilling of the product owner to be able to work between the company stakeholders and developers, and foster an environment where they could support the change in culture

 Work Kanban we implemented this methodology over waterfall through the implementation of two-week iterations and feature-based tickets. We introduced to manage the sprint planning and added WIP limits to ensure regular delivery of tickets

 Set up Slack – communication is crucial to agile working, so we deployed Slack to help communicate with all members of the project team. With team members located across three sites, Slack enabled us to communicate at all levels on a daily basis

 Conducted fortnightly retros this allowed us to review what work had been done and ensured continual improvement. Retros also gave us the opportunity to review our next iteration and make changes wherever needed

 Continuous deployment – a key part of working agile, this allowed us to reduce the overhead of testing and delivery time on new features

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The outcome

The client now has full ownership of their own product and development cycle.

This improved way of working has led to a better product, with daily deployments and quicker delivery of key features to market.

Adopting an agile philosophy has helped the client to reduce the average bug fixing rate from three months to three days. It has also helped the company to complete, on average, 80% of its roadmap goals.

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“We loved working with Createk. Right from the start they were hands-on, helping us work in a more agile way. It has truly transformed our business”

Juliet Caswell

Juliet Caswell
Products and Propositions Director
CR Worldwide

How can Createk help your business become more agile?

Changing your methodology can be daunting and a shock to your internal culture, but, with the right planning and execution, it can reap major rewards for your business.   

At Createk, we can provide the help and support you need to help your internal teams adapt to a more effective way of working. Our services come with:

Experience – We have years of experience, including over 40 in software development.

Expertise – We have developed skills in a wide range of business sectors, from marketing to healthcare, travel to finance.

Agility – We are dynamic and flexible. We work effectively and respond to change fast.

If you’re interested in finding out more about agile development and how it can benefit your business, please visit our Agile Development page. Or get in touch to see how else Createk can help your business.

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