Why call centre HR managers need employee engagement technology

By Hassan Khalid

Why call centre HR managers need employee engagement technology

In call centres, technology is transforming relationships. Across businesses, technology is creating a fluidity between companies and their customers by making them accessible, relatable, and responsive. However, the same cannot always be said about the relationship between the company and its employees. Despite technology also existing to help foster it.

Employees often face the same marketing journey as customers: they consider their opportunities, evaluate potential companies, commit to working for one company, then that company either earns their trust and loyalty or they seek a better opportunity. However, if bespoke technology can address this process between the company and customers, why can’t HR managers use it to address the relationship between the company and employees?

High turnovers

Any HR call centre manager knows the industry has a problem with staff turnover. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), call centres have some of the highest staff-turnover rates across industries. The cost of replacement per staff member is approximately £6,125, rising to £9,000 for senior managers. As such, the need for employee engagement is high, as highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, 41% less absenteeism, and 59% less turnover. 

Workplace culture

Call centres don’t always have a great reputation among current and former employees, and this has seeped out into the media. The Guardian reports how call centre employees are ‘stripped of their rights’ and how ‘staff are constantly watched and stress is used as a management strategy’. They describe the experience as ‘psychologically draining’, ‘oppressive’, and ‘exploitative’. 

It is clear the call centre sector needs a way to change their company-employee relationship and promote a healthy environment. This is where you can use bespoke employee engagement software to make this process easier. 

The key features of employee engagement software

Employee engagement software often contains a number of useful features:

  • Goal setting and employee recognition
  • Real rewards  such as gift cards, a party fund, or birthday gifts
  • A marketplace to redeem awards
  • Helpful tips, information, and tools to make their job as easy as possible
  • Teaching sessions
  • Surveys and results
  • Self-help section – e.g. mindfulness practices
  • Weekly reports and summaries
  • Organisation tools such as a calendar, holiday tracker, or communications tools

These features give your employees something to work towards, which increases productivity while incorporating rewards to engage employees. Doing so helps build trust between the company and employees as they feel appreciated, supported, and looked after. 

There are a few employee engagement software options available on the market. However, the most effective way to promote employee engagement using technology is to personalise it. That way, you can infuse your business values and company culture into the software, helping to build a community of belong, where employees work together towards common goals.

A blanket piece of software can come across as impersonal and they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. However, customising an existing platform to meet the unique needs of your business and its employees can be a great way to get the employee reward and recognition programme that delivers results, such as that provided by CR Worldwide.

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