Using automation to boost call centre productivity

By John Cleary

Using automation to boost call centre productivity

Automation software in call centres cuts through inefficiencies and costs, leading to better customer interactions. When executed well, technology provides the means for a slick and speedy experience. By making manual tasks faster, they allow agents to concentrate on the human aspect of customer service. With technology working behind the scenes to ensure error-free data entry or aid in scheduling processes, customer and employee satisfaction will improve.

But it can be a double-edged sword; when it’s designed or applied with the wrong intentions, it can do the opposite of improve. Automation can give the customer a hugely frustrating experience and make it a nightmare for employees to try and pick up the pieces. So what is the right way to implement automation?

Achieving balance

Before considering whether an automated option is the right thing to do for both your customers and staff, consider the balance of automation and personalised experience.

Gauge what’s right for your customers. This depends on many factors, such as the age of your clientele and the product you’re selling. In some cases, a personal touch could give you a competitive advantage.

Here are some key automation tools that your call centre could utilise to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

Robotic process automation

This handy tech is particularly beneficial for your administration and data-entry staff. Instead of spending a large proportion of their working day on monotonous activities, RPA frees up employee time by handling certain computer-led tasks that typically contribute to boredom or employee dissatisfaction. Tasks driven by rules, triggers, and events can benefit from automation using RPA.

When applied correctly, chatbots are a crystal clear example of correct utilisation of an RPA. They improve operations by answering common questions that don’t require a person behind the phone.

Skill-based routing

Skill-based routing is a useful tool to improve the way you pass customers on to different departments. It directs customer calls to the next available agent with the appropriate skill to handle that specific inquiry.

You must ensure that you carefully construct and set up routing rules. Failure to do so could have a negative impact on call centre operations by creating imbalances in workload amongst agents.

Big data analytics

Automation can also gather and analyse complex data sets. The findings can be used to get a greater understanding of your customers’ pain and passion points. By leveraging these findings, customer communication and relations can be tailored even further. Agents now have better tools and systems to deliver even better customer service.

There are many off-the-shelf software solutions to automate the services required to keep a call centre operating efficiently.

However, it’s important to carefully consider whether this can provide everything you need. Sometimes unique customisation is the only way to get the most of automation or prevent problems further down the line.

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