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Who we are

Collectively, we’re a software house that specialises in applications built in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Createk is built on a set of specific values. They influence us as a business and they are what we look for in any new additions to the team. We strive to be an inspiration to people, passionate about what we do, forward thinking and pragmatic.

Individually, we’re a team of runners, skateboarders, foodies and amateur racers. Some of us have worked in other industries before transitioning and training to become skilful developers, whilst others have worked with software their entire professional lives in a range of different sectors from finance, to telecoms to healthcare.

We love working with start-ups and established businesses alike to build great web applications and products. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and working with our clients to share ideas and design products that stand the test of time.

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Jactin House - Our Home

Jactin House


Createk’s founders John and Hassan worked together for a few years in a previous role before having the opportunity in December 2015 to strike out on their own and start Createk.

From humble beginnings sharing an office with a friend in the centre of Manchester, we began to expand the team and moved into our current home of Jactin House in June 2016.


We’re based in the Ancoats area of Manchester, right on the edge of the Northern Quarter, which is home to many technology businesses and home to Manchester’s buzzing start-up scene.

We’re surrounded by fantastic architecture, quirky stores and fantastic places to eat and drink. With so much fantastic food on offer, we like to try and eat out as a team at least once a week.

A typical day at Createk

A normal day in the Createk offices starts with the team stand-up, where we share our progress and discuss the plan for the day.

We work to an Agile philosophy, which means we’re much more responsive to change, allowing us to shift priorities and get the right people working together to resolve issues.

We’re not big fans of the stereotype of the solitary developer, sat in a corner, working in silence with their headphones on. That’s not something we subscribe to so, as much as possible, our developers work in pairs and we talk and share ideas throughout the day.

As a company, we also understand that sometimes working in the office isn’t the most suitable or practical option, so, should the need arise, staff can work from home or remotely.

Stand Up
Jon Cleary on stage at a seminar

We’ve been involved with a number of different events, both as an attendee and as a speaker. This includes:

  • The North West Ruby User Group https://nwrug.org/)
  • Sponsoring local events for Rails Girls and PHPNW
  • Providing work experience to schools
  • Involvement in tech bootcamps such as TechReturners
  • Giving talks to local schools about careers in technology
  • Conference appearances

We feel that it is important to be active within the local community, especially when it comes to helping inspire, nurture and develop the next generation of talented developers.

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